Integrating virtual and in-person event experiences

How do you integrate virtual and in-person event experiences to connect with audiences across different regions or even countries? 

The solution? Hybrid events. The concept is not new, as organisations with satellite offices are already successfully delivering meetings or training sessions in a hybrid format.

If you are organising a large event such as a conference, consider holding it over multiple venues to reach more attendees. Set one of the spaces up as a broadcasting hub, and livestream content to each satellite location simultaneously.

The venues are set up to ‘talk to’ each other, enabling live interactions and Q&As between speakers and the audience. So, while a group of delegates network and reconnect face-to-face within the Hōro ā-Tāone o Tāmaki Makaurau | Auckland Town Hall in the Auckland City Centre, they are also connected with another group of delegates or speakers based in the Bruce Mason Centre on the North Shore.

Professional setup 

Having a well set up broadcasting studio with a stage, high-quality cameras and audiovisual equipment like the one in Aotea Centre’s Herald Theatre, can give your conference a professional and polished feel, and provide event attendees with a great experience no matter which venue they’re in.

Livestreamed sessions can also be recorded for follow-up, or repurposed for future use, giving longevity and versatility to the content of your event.

Technical support

We understand that holding hybrid events requires the same care and attention as in-person events. Our experienced technical team is on-site to provide state-of-the-art video and audio equipment in our venues, as well as support throughout your event, so you can focus on the other details.

With the right set-up and careful planning, going hybrid can be simpler than you think. And with over sixty spaces within eleven venues across Auckland, our team can help you find the right spaces for a successful hybrid event.

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