Combining award-winning technology from The Amazing Race TV series, The Amazing GPS Race creates a unique team building experience in any one of our venues.

Using a unique GPS app and the latest iPads, The Amazing GPS Race sends teams on foot to locate GPS hotspots and navigate locations to crack clues, complete challenges, and earn as many points as possible.

Each team will receive an iPad pre-loaded with your unique event and packed with a range of features to engage and motivate. Tasks include cryptic, quiz, photo, video, and image recognition challenges – tailored if requested to your organisation. Photos and videos are downloaded and shown at the end of the activity, or for you to show later.

The Amazing GPS Race is guaranteed to capture the imaginations of your team and have them talking about it for weeks to come.

Available at all Auckland Conventions, Venues & Events venues.

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Collaboration, connection, and communication
  • Team enjoyment and engagement
  • Strategic planning